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The TIHM (Technology Integrated Health Management) Monitoring Service is a remote monitoring service and is available to those who have been diagnosed with dementia or mild cognitive impairment and people aged 65 or over who have a diagnosis of depression and/or anxiety. Regular carers supporting people who qualify for TIHM will also be offered the Service. Please check at your local GP surgery for eligibility.

It is an important service designed to reassure people and help identify signs of ill-health early on so that prompt advice and support is provided.

The TIHM Monitoring Service combines a small package of easy-to-use remote monitoring devices that are installed in people's homes collecting information about health and well-being, with a dedicated NHS Monitoring Team that is clinically led. The collected health data is automatically analysed by the technology and if health or well-being issues are detected, an alert is flagged on a digital dashboard. The Team will investigate the alert and provide the necessary support and advice.

The devices are provided free of charge and delivered to people's homes. Step by step guidance and support is provided on installing and using the devices

Please note:
-People who are able to use the devices independently, without help, do not need to have a carer to receive the TIHM Monitoring Service.
-If you do not have broadband, you can still receive the service (a mobile Wi-Fi device can be used to connect).
-The service cannot be offered to people with dementia who live in a care home.

Please see their website for more information about the service.

To apply for the service please use any of the following options:
- Online self-referral form on their website or by copying the following link into your browser:
- Contact the TIHM Monitoring Service Team
by telephone on: 0800 448 0786 or by Email: rxx.tihm2@nhs.net

About Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is the leading provider of health and social care services for people of all ages with mental ill-health and learning disabilities in Surrey & North East Hampshire and drug & alcohol services in Surrey. Their services are provided in community settings, hospitals and residential homes with an emphasis on providing local treatment and support close to people's homes wherever possible.

They actively seek to engage people who use their services and their communities in improving the mental wellbeing of the local population. As a Foundation Trust they have over 6,500 public members.

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Free of charge.

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Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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